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LocoTool Frontend II

LocoTool Frontend II is a very useful tool that allows you to easily many aspects of a vehicle or cargo type.  It uses LocoTool, but adds a user-friendly interface.  It runs as a separate program, with a list of all vehicles in your ObjData folder on the left side and their information in the left pane.
How to use it:
1.  Extract LocoTool Frontend II to a place that is convenient for you.
2.  Double-click the .exe file to run it.
3.  The program will check your object files (this may take a while).
4.  Click on any vehicle from the list on the left and change any information you wish.
5.  Click Export to .dat when you are finished editing a vehicle, and direct Frontend II to your Locomotion ObjData folder.
**Note** You must export to a .dat or save to a .xml before selecting another vehicle to save your changes.
Vista users:  You may get an error message that reads something like TABCTL32.OCX is not correctly registered.  You will need to download this file:
LocoTool Frontend II was developed by, and is the complete property of, Mathias.  Used with permission.

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