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Finding your Locomotion folder


Your Locomotion folder is the folder where the game keeps all of its files neccessary to run.  It is usually found at the following path:
C:\Program Files\Atari\Locomotion
However, this may vary depending on where you decided to install the game to when you inserted the disk for the first time.  Use the start menu search (Vista) or Start > Search (XP) and look for "Locomotion" to find where your game is installed.
When downloading modifications to Locomotion, you will be prompted to add the files to your ObjData folder.  This folder contains the data for every single vehicle in the game, as well as cargo, trees, buildings, etc.  It is found inside the main Locomotion folder.  Simply copy and paste to this folder whenever needed.
For Vista users:  You might have to set the permissions in your Locomotion folder to allow the game to write to this folder.

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