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Aircraft Pack v1.1

This pack contains 52 different aircraft, most of them new, but some with modified names or stats from their originals.  The pack has 50 planes and 2 helicopters, and also contains a large helipad, and an international airport (with separate runways for take-off and landing and a more efficient taxiing system).  4 scenarios are also included.
List of aircraft included:
-Airbus A300-600ST 'Beluga'
-Airbus A319
-Airbus A320
-Airbus A321
-Airbus A380
-Airbus A380F
-Antonov An-225 'Mriya'
-ATR 42
-ATR 72
-BAC/Aerospatiale Concorde
-BAe 146-100
-BAe 146-200
-BAe 146-300
-Bell/Augusta AB139
-Boeing 377 'Stratocruiser'
-Boeing 707-100
-Boeing 707-300
-Boeing 720
-Boeing 727
-Boeing 727-200 Advanced
-Boeing 737
-Boeing 737-300
-Boeing 737-500
-Boeing 737-700
-Boeing 737-900
-Boeing 747-100 'Jumbo Jet'
-Boeing 747-200 'Jumbo Jet'
-Boeing 747-300 'Jumbo Jet'
-Boeing 747-400 'Jumbo Jet'
-Boeing 747F 'Jumbo Jet'
-Boeing 747SP 'Jumbo Jet'
-Boeing 777
-deHavilland Comet 1
-deHavilland Comet 4
-deHavilland DH-16
-Douglas C-47 'Dakota'
-Douglas DC-3 'Dakota'
-Douglas DC-9
-Fokker F.7
-Fokker F27 'Friendhip'
-Fokker F50
-Ford A-5 Trimotor
-Ilyushin Il-62 'Classic'
-Lockheed L.049 'Constellation'
-Lockheed L.1049 'Super Constellation'
-McDonnell Douglas MD-80 'Super 80'
-Messerschmitt Me 323 'Gigant'
-Sikorsky S55
-Vickers Vimy Commercial
-Vickers Viscount 700
-Vickers Viscount 800
How to use it:
1. Download and extract the file.
2. Run the install program and follow the on-screen directions.  It does not matter for now what folder you install the files to.
3. Run the Configurator (in the folder you just installed in) if it is not already running and choose which version you want installed.
4. You will then have to navigate to the folder which you installed the pack in, find the folder with the preferred breakdown-rate (no, normal, or reduced), and copy its entire contents to your Locomotion ObjData folder, replacing files as needed.
5. Do the same for the airports and helipads included with the pack.
Aircraft Pack v1.1 was created by, and is the property of, Paasky.  Used with permission.

Please report any mistakes, broken links, and any other inconveniences here.